A Celebration of Life

This website was created to celebrate the life of Jennifer Lynn Wisniewski, beloved wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.

It is our hope that you use this site as a way to honor, and remember, Jen. Please feel free to share stories, memories and pictures.

You’ll find many pages included on this memorial site. The Gallery page shows pictures of Jen with friends and family. (Please upload or send us more pictures to add to the gallery). The Guest Book page displays heart felt messages left by loved ones. The Obituary page displays Jen’s obituary as shown in the Daily Herald. Finally, the Login Instructions page provides directions on how you can register on this site and begin sharing memories and pictures of Jen.

This website was created per the request of Jen’s long time friend, Eric Stanis.

Really Miss U

Hey Sis:

Having a rough time of it lately; really wish you were here to talk too. If you could only give me a sign to let me know to keep moving forward or just quit. I miss you so much!

Love you,

August 10th

Hi Sis:
Thinking of you a lot today. One day of the year that I dread and miss you the most. Wish you were here! I hate that each year I get a bit older and you are not here to see me through it.
Love you,

RIP Lil Sis

Happy Easter Sis! We love u!

Sheri and Ginaimage

5 Years

Hi Sis:

5 years ago today I was driving to the hospital after receiving the call. Seems like yesterday. I think of you each and every day that passes. If I ever had one thing that I could back in time and change it would be that you were still here. I miss your smile and our talks. I miss your sense of humor and making me laugh. I’m smiling now though writing to you. Came to see you today but you already know that. First year with your stone in. It was nice to finally come and see you on the anniversary if your passing and know that you were at peace.

I love and miss you,

Christmas Is Over

Hi JB, It;s Mom. The day is over and another one without you around, physically that is because we all know that you are always with us. I think that Sheri had a breaking point yesterday, and all I can say is that it is about time. I really don’t know what is wrong with Bill. She does everything and never gets any help or credit. He always turns everything around on her. It’s a long story,but you probably know more than any of us. Everyone likes everything that they got,lexi,and William. It was good being together but the void was there. We are all trying but it doesn’t get any easier. You are always one my mind and forever in my heart. I am off work today,so I think that I will go shopping . I will see you in my dreams. Love you forever and a day. love Mom

Hi,JB yes it is Mom I know that I talk to you everyday, just thought that I would put it in writing. Sitting here at six in the morning wondering if I should put up the tree.I remember that you used to get so excited about christmas,it was your favorite holiday ,amoung others. Since you were taken from us, the holiday just doesn”t feel right. I often feel guilty for doing some things because you should be here doing them too. My heart is always heavy but it is the heaviest this time of the year. When I am at work, they play this holiday music and it reminds me so much of you,how you started playing it in October.I want to make the holiday wonderful for Sheri and Gina because I know that they are also going through their own sorrow. I thought that when Gramma passed, that that would be it for me,but losing a child as precious as life is ,has got to be the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with. I still have shopping to do and it is 6 days till . I know that you keep me save because you are every where that I am. I know that you look out for each and everyone of us. What do you think of Lexi and William. Will is a typical boy with his video games , Lexi on the other hand is hard to read. I wish we could be closer,but I understand the age. The time will come when she will need me again.Kids always come around they understand how life works. It is a shame that we have to go through so much termoil before it happens. She knows that I love her unconditionally.How is everyone else. Fine I hope . Tell everyone that I love them and give them a hug and a kiss for me. I guess that I may put up this tree in your honor . I love you ,I miss you, and I cry for you. I wish with everything that I have that you were here. You will always be mine and I will always love you no matter how far away you are. I will sign off for now because I can:t see for the tears. You know how I feel and always remember that you are loved so much,by so many. Love you forever and a day. love me

RIP Tony Masi

20131105_161847Hey Sis:

Love and miss you. I know that up there you know and see all. You now have another friend up there. RIP Tony and Jenny. Never forgotten and always in our hearts…..

Love you,

Happy Birthday Sis!

Hi Sis:

It’s unbelievable that you have been gone 4 Birthdays thus far! I miss you so much. We celebrated you today; I hope that you saw the fun we had thinking if you. I know that Halloween was always one of your favorites. It’s not quite that day as there is more to come, but, this one is for you Jen!

Happy Birthday!

Miss You

Hey Lil Sis:
How are my kitty’s? Missing you today. Had to go to a wake and thought about you the entire time. It’s still so hard but I couldn’t not go. Marty was one if the people I remember coming to support me when you passed; this was the least that I could do. I cannot say it did not drum up a bunch of memories though. I miss you so much and wish you were here.
I love you,


Hey Little Sis:

Hope all is well with you. I miss you each and every day. I tried to write the other day but got booted out of the system and my letter did not post! Last week was a rough week; I had to put Tynka and Tommy down. It was a rough process and I am still struggling with my decision. Mom tried to make me feel better by telling me it was best. I just couldn’t handle the messes anymore……….Mom said that now they are with you! :) So, i’m not sure how long it takes for anyone to get up there but please give Tynka and Tommy a kiss for me. I miss them and still feel sad that they are not with me. I close my eyes and can still see them. I wish that things could have been different. But, I know that you and Grandma will take good care of them. A little company for you. Two furry creatures for you to love and hold close and think of me and the kids.

Miss you and Love You,